The Windsor-Essex Pride Fest can provide professional design services at an additional cost of $50.00. Maintaining a constant communication with our clients is a top priority. You will be provided with an advertisement design proof via email for your approval before production.


Your advertisement must be prepared by a designer or service provider, and it must be sent in high resolution PDF, EPS or JPEG formats via email. Advertisements supplied in other formats will not be accepted unless you have contacted us to discuss your format. Submissions deadline is Friday, June 19, 2020 at 5:00pm to advertise@wepridefest.com.


Advertisers who have agreed to advertising space and prematurely cancel their advertising must do so by Friday, June 12, 2020. or the advertiser will be charged the full advertising rate.

Full payment is required in order to secure advertising. Payments can be made online by credit card or by
e-transfer and cheque. NSF cheques are subject to a service charge of $75.00 and made payable to the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest.


Windsor-Essex is a unique and special one that has all the amenities you could ask for and is also the most socially progressive. This is apparent in our local businesses, friendly and welcoming people and  vibrant LGBTQ2S+ community.


The Come OUT & Play Guide has been at the forefront of the Windsor-Essex LGBTQ2S+ scene for the past 7 years. By maintaining our strong community presence, the Come OUT & Play Guide has become the premier choice for businesses and organizations looking to reach not only the Windsor-Essex LGBTQ2S+ consumers but LGBTQ2S+ travelers from Michigan, Ohio and across Ontario.

Now celebrating its 8th year of publication, we invite you to be a part of the Come Out & Play Guide, our area’s hottest and best publication to reach savvy LGBTQ2S+ residents and travelers. The guide is an important resource for the Windsor-Essex region, from shopping to service organizations, from nightlife to health & wellness, from counselling to spas, from arts/theatre to restaurants, the Come OUT & Play Guide has it all!


As an advertiser in the Come OUT & Play Guide, it will help position your business in a dynamic market by:

  • Expand your business demographic reach and establish new business.

  • Send a positive message to your company employees and customers.

  • Create a positive marketing connection to a brand loyal audience.

  • Give you an edge over your competition through new audience exposure.

  • Raising funds for social programs for the Windsor-Essex LGBTQ2S+ community.

We love the Windsor-Essex region, and we know it intimately. We know this market inside and out and what makes people tick. Marketing and advertising experts agree that no two markets are alike and we are no exception. We can help bridge your brand to the LGBTQ2S+ local area consumers and out-of-town visitors.


We will be distributing 10,000 digest-sized full colour glossy guides and we mind where every copy is distributed to make sure it ends up in quality hands and is not a wasted exposure. We ensure that someone picking up this publication is a local LGBTQ2S+ resident or out-of-town traveller from either and that this presents a new business relationship opportunity for our area and advertisers. Thus, we have a two-pronged distribution method:

IN TOWN DISTRIBUTION                                              

▪ All Participating Advertisers (throughout Windsor-Essex)

▪ Caesars Windsor Tourism kiosk - Downtown

▪ Pelee Island Winery Information Centre (Kingsville)

▪ Provincial Tourism Office (Downtown Windsor)

▪ Tourism Windsor-Essex kiosk (Downtown)                               

▪ Waterfront Tourism Windsor-Essex kiosk (Windsor)
▪ Windsor-Essex Pride Fest office (Windsor)

OUT-OF-TOWN DISTRIBUTION                                                      
▪ Provincial Tourism Office (Tilbury, Ontario)

The Come OUT & Play Guide will also be supported online with a business directory complete with pictures, description and contact information. In addition, a printed version will also be distributed at the 2020 Windsor-Essex Pride Fest at  Lanspeary Park on Ottawa Street in August with an annual attendance of over 7,500 attendees.

Size of LGBTQ Market And Buying Power

▪ A recent study by the International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and Nation Post pegged the
  buying power of 
the LGBTQ community in Canada at just over $100 billion, which is 10% of the
  $1trillion Canadian consumer market.

▪ A majority of LGBTQ couples live in a dual-income household with no children. As a result, 76% of 
  LGBTQ household in comes are above the national average, which fuels their high level of disposable 

▪ LGBTQ Canadians are more likely to seek out companies that advertise to them and are willing to pay
  higher prices for 
premium products and services .

Advertising And Brand Loyalty

▪ 65% prefer products or services from companies that support non-profits or charities serving the
  LGBTQ community over 
competing products or services that do not.

Purchasing Behavior

▪ 55% of LGBTQ consumers choose to do business with companies that they know have a commitment
  to diversity and 
equal treatment of employees, versus 34% of non-LGBTQ.

▪ Companies or organizations advertising in LGBTQ media or sponsoring LGBTQ non-profits/charities
  favourably influence 72% of LGBTQ consumers.

Travel Market

▪ An estimated market of 1.8 million LGBTQ travellers spent on average $1,131.00 per trip

▪ LGBTQ travelers spend nearly twice as much per trip as their straight counterparts ($1,131.00 vs $597.00)

▪ LGBTQ travelers are almost twice as likely to go on vacation or leisure trips as the general public.

▪ LGBTQ travelers are more likely to travel frequently; on average those who travelled took 4.6 trips.

▪ Total value of North American LGBTQ travel and tourism is estimated at more than 65 billion dollars.

▪ LGBTQ Canadians spend more than 9 billion on travel and tourism with 5.4 billion dollars spent in Canada

▪ LGBTQ consumers are nearly 3 times more likely to possess a valid passport.

** Information provided by Travel Gay Canada, Protean Strategies, Community Marketing Inc, Harris Interactive & WITEK COMBS Communications.