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The Windsor-Essex region has some of the most diverse restaurants in Canada. So what betterway to showcase those restaurants who support the LGBTTIQ community then through our website. 

Klueless Cupcakes

1580 Wyandotte Street East, Windsor, ONT

Lakeside Bakery

286 Erie Street South, Leamington, ONT


Lakeside Bakery Deli Café is a true artisan bakery baking fresh bread since 1999. Our passion is crafting and baking great tasting bread in true European tradition. Made with the loving care of our bakers hands, the use of simple all-natural ingredients give our breads their truly unique flavour. Lakeside bread comes fresh out of the oven with intensely natural flavour, a soft, porous interior and a crispy crust.

Nana's Bakery

2936 Dominion Boulevard
Windsor · Ontario · N9E 2M8

Riverside Pie

5560 Wyandotte Street East

Windsor, ONT

Located in Olde Riverside (between Villaire and Prado), RPC is a made from scratch micro bakery (sweet and savoury pies, galettes, scones,tarts and more) featuring local ingredients in our made to order lunch offerings We feature Kawartha scoop ice cream to accompany our fresh in house made waffle cones, pie bowls, tart sundaes, sauces and toppings. 

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Sweet Revenge Bake Shop

5410 Wyandotte Steet East
Windsor, ON N8S 1L9

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