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From shopping malls to specialty boutique stores, from antiques to salons and spas, Windsor-Essex has amazing retail and services that can fulfill the latest trend, steer you toward a great antique or add relax you with a day of pampering. Countless options are available, this is just a sampling of links to get you started.

Families First Funeral Home

3260 Dougall Avenue, Windsor, ONT
1065 Lauzon Road, Windsor, ONT
2130 Front Road, LaSalle, ONT
585 Sandwich Street South, Amhertsburg, ONT


Families First is locally owned and family operated.  This means that we are an independent funeral home which does not have to answer to a corporation, board of directors, or shareholders.  Instead, we answer to ourselves and are directly responsible to the families and community which we serve. 

Our personal relationship with the community motivates each member of our Team to devote themselves to serving the needs of our families and community, offering the highest quality of service, instead of focusing on profit.

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