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From shopping malls to specialty boutique stores, from antiques to salons and spas, Windsor-Essex has amazing retail and services that can fulfill the latest trend, steer you toward a great antique or add relax you with a day of pampering. Countless options are available, this is just a sampling of links to get you started.

From The Heart

1356 Ottawa Street 

Windsor, ONT

We believe this is more than a “store”. We had a vision, One that will enhance the lives of those who enter our door and in so doing will enhance ours. This has happened over and over again – blessing others and being blessed in return. You may come in needing a lift or looking for something to lift someone else.

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Smudge Metaphysical

1506 Wyandotte Street East
Windsor, ONT


We carry Windsor's largest selection of holistic, metaphysical and magical items, and are expanding our selection weekly. At Smudge we believe in personal power, and expressing that using your own individual and unique qualities, talents, and life path. We have products and supplies for many earth based religions such as Pagan, Wiccan, Hoodoo and Native. Our house brand products are all natural, and made right here at Smudge. All natural soaps, magical spell soap, healing and spell bath salt/herbal blends, essential oil blends, spell oil blends, and herbal spell mixes.

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Tunnel Duty Free Shop

465 Goyeau Street

Windsor, ONT


Located to the right as you pass the Canadian tollbooths, before entering the U.S. bound tunnel. A second generation, family owned and operated business, which has been serving Windsor Detroit Tunnel commuters and travellers since 1986. It was the very first land border tax and duty free shop in Ontario. We take great pride in ensuring that you, our customers, enjoy an affordable luxury shopping experience, each and very time you visit.

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Wilkinson Candles

2584 Byng Road

Windsor, ONT


We were tired of buying candles that lacked scent and left black soot on the jars and adjacent walls. The same day we started making candles. 

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