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The Windsor-Essex region has some of the most diverse restaurants in Canada. So what betterway to showcase those restaurants who support the LGBTQ2S+ community then through our website. 

Basil Court

327 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, ONT

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Jade Chinese Cuisine

157 Wyandotte Street East
Windsor, Ontario


3090 Dougall Avenue, Windsor, ONT

KOMA stands for Kitchen Of Michael Anthony. While Anthony is the chef's middle name, he wanted to pay homage to his grandfather who's namesake he bears. The intimate size of the dining room has its purpose.  It allows the chef to personally attend to each dish that comes out of the kitchen.  And it's only steps away to your table.  It allows us to get to know who you are. Our atmosphere is a simple design so that the focus is on the guests and not the room. The chef 
commissioned local artist, Dennis Bester, to develop the artwork to reflect the fusion mood of diversity.

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Mazaar Lebanese Cuisine

372 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, ONT


We want Mazaar to be your place - "the place you must visit". Mazaar is an upscale restaurant that offers authentic Lebanese cuisine in a comfortable yet energetic, young atmosphere. We at Mazaar combine friendly service with an extensive menu offering a wide variety of fresh Lebanese entrees and appetizers.

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Mezzo Ristorante

804 Erie Street East
Windsor, Ontario


This not to be missed dining experience at Mezzo Ristorante goes far beyond innovative, award winning cuisine. A cool blend of eclectic contemporary atmosphere, extensive wine list, specialty cocktails and live entertainment are the ingredients for one of menu selections offers yellow fin tuna, beef tenderloin, and fresh pasta and delicious sauces.

Mucci's Ristorante

881 Erie Street East
Windsor, Ontario

Newly revised menu, HUGE new bar, lounge and live entertainment! Also providing catering and private parties!!! Great Italian food! 

Pho Maxim

567 Pelissier Street
Windsor, Ontario


The foundation of Vietnamese cuisine is simple. It’s built upon fresh vegetables, wholesome ingredients and a combination of earthy spices. But simple doesn't mean easy. There are no shortcuts to flavour. We know it's all in the details. Perfection takes time. That’s why we marinade our meat overnight and simmer our pho soup for over twelve hours. And those pickled vegetables that bring lightness to your plate?  

Stir Crazy Grill

4072 Walker Road

Windsor, ONT



Create your own perfect stir-fry and see what you’re eating! Fresh, delicious food in a contemporary atmosphere. Craving lots of choices? Fresh veggies, lean meats and seafood topped with your choice of spices and sauces. Our menu includes fresh salads, fajitas, fish and chips and of course our best darn burger. We take pride in offering our guests the highest quality ingredients combined with the most delicious original entrees.

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The Twisted Apron

1833 Wyandottte Street East
Windsor, Ontario


Come experience the Twisted Apron and discover a small, quaint restaurant that serves up comfort food with a twist - a twist on the classics that remind you of Mom's cooking... If your mom were a gourmet chef. Our food is never frozen and always prepared with the freshest, local ingredients, using our own homemade recipes - honestly crafted and unpretentiously served. We're your neighbourhood kitchen table.

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The Willistead Restaurant

1840 Wyandotte Street East
Windsor, Ontario


The Willistead Restaurant specializes in using locally sourced meat and produce to create rustic dishes with a home cooked feel. You'll find complete nose to tail cooking in a casual, modern atmosphere. 

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