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  • 100 Laird Avenue
    Amherstburg, Ontario, N9V 2Z2
    Phone: 519-736-5416 

  • Fort Malden National Historic Site preserves the remnants of the second British fort built in Amherstburg, Ontario. The first, Fort Amherstburg, was established here, near the mouth of the Detroit River in 1796. It was a centre of British operations during the War of 1812 and was destroyed by the British when they were forced to retreat in September 1813. Today, there are no visible remains of that earlier fortification.

    The current dimensions of the fort can be attributed to the American army, which occupied the ruins of Fort Amherstburg from October 1813 until July 1815. The Americans began rebuilding the fort almost immediately, but their efforts were hampered by severe shortages of labour and supplies.

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