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  • 3320 College Avenue
    Windsor, Ontario, N9C 0E1

  • Sandwich Community Health offers free, confidential general counselling to individuals aged five and up. Counselling is limited to 12 sessions and is a collaborated process that is focused on increasing the wellbeing of our clients. Family and couples counselling is also available at our site.
    To find out if you are eligible for our counselling services, please contact (519) 258-6002 ext 222 to speak with the intake counsellor. 
    WE CHC Sandwich Community Health counsellors can assist you in the following areas:
    - Stress
    - Anxiety
    - Depression
    - Work Related Stress
    - Grief
    - Family Conflict
    - Self-Harm
    - Suicidal Thoughts
    - Coping with chronic illness or diagnosis of chronic illness
    - Caregiver Stress
    - Traumatic Life Events

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