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  • 7470 Tecumseh Road East
    Windsor, Ontario, N8T 1E9

  • We've always loved barbeque, but then, who doesn't? We feel about it the way we feel about each other, our families, our hometown, our favourite jeans, the sofa we lounge on (when we have time)'s one of the great comforts in our lives. Things just aren't the same for us if we're away from any of them for very long.

    Some people are surprised to learn that we don't eat fancy French food every night, despite Ryan's classic training. We're still just regular folk, and though Mamo Bistro was our first restaurant, and though we still have fond memories of those four and a half years, we believed that our hometown needed something different. An everyday restaurant to "hang out" at...somewhere more suited to the typical Windsor family, but unlike all other family restaurants...somewhere that more people we knew might visit more often instead of just on special occasions...where the food might not be so fancy, but would still be every bit as tasty and prepared with great care...somewhere very comfortable! From that feeling, Smoke & Spice Southern Barbeque was born. We hope you'll visit soon, and that you'll agree...this isWindsor's home of southern barbeque.

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