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  • 1505 Langlois Avenue
    Windsor, Ontario, N8X 4M3


    • Promote the emotional and temporal welfare of homeless male persons, 16 to 20 years of age.
    • Recognize the importance of providing homeless young men the opportunity to become productive, responsible members of their communities.
    • Provide a wide range of quality programming, assessment, and support services to homeless young men with the prime emphasis on reuniting them with their families.
    • Encourage responsible and productive independent living failing a family reconciliation through life skills programming and community services made available to residents.
    • Maintain and promote dignity and self-respect.
    • Commit to the development and promotion of a better community understanding of homeless young men.
    • Inspire community participation in homeless young men's successful reintegration into society.

    Our Target Group is young men between the ages of 16-20 who are either homeless or who are at risk of becoming homeless; who are currently living in an unacceptable environment or in a marginal situation without appropriate adult support; and who are motivated to participate in a secondary school or alternative training program, or employment.

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