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Windsor-Essex has amazing retail and services that can fulfill the latest trend.
Countless options are available, this is just a sampling of links to get you started.

Master Cleaners & Alterations

1081 Ottawa
Windsor, ON N8X 2E3

Tel:(519) 258-2100


As a certified professional dry cleaner in the Windsor area, Master Cleaners understands that exceptional garments require exceptional care. Not only do we recognize day-to-day or designer garments, we have the fabric care knowledge to protect your investment.

Our specialists excel in understanding fabrics and trims. When your garments arrive at our facility they are immediately inspected and the best method of cleaning is determined. All stains receive immediate attention. Minor repairs are performed before the actual cleaning process begins and again should it be necessary during the final inspection process.

Our family-run dry cleaning, laundry and alterations business has served the Windsor community since 1939. Our state-of-the-art dry cleaning and finishing, combined with our experience and expertise, affords us the opportunity to meet and exceed customer expectations regularly. Many corporate clients, entertainers, and prominent figures entrust us with their most cherished garments.

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