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Windsor-Essex has amazing retail and services that can fulfill the latest trend.
Countless options are available, this is just a sampling of links to get you started.

3D Parts

4200 Delduca Drive, Oldcastle, ONT

We deliver results through a “product driven” approach, based on enhanced collaboration and cooperation wit Your Team. Nimble and adaptive, we respond to your needs with our iterative approach (3d Checkpoints) throughout the product life cycle. We ensure all aspects and elements are addressed to achive better quality, increased collaboration and increased speed from Concept to Finished Product.

Concours Mold

465 Jutras Drive South, Oldcastle, ONT


Concours Mold has set the standard in the mold manufacturing industry for over 20 years. We specialize in Injection, Compression, RIM, and Hydroform which service a variety of industries including automotive, heavy trucks and consumer goods. With state-of-the-art facilities in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, our priority is to guarantee quality, accuracy, and timing with a team of highly skilled professionals who all share a common goal of being the best in our industry. Concours Mold is committed to providing our team with a safe, challenging, yet progressive work environment and we are proud of our growing community engagement as well as constantly evolving employee incentives at all of our facilities.

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Integrity Tool & Mold

3651 Delduca Drive, Oldcastle, ONT


Our team of highly experienced designers and surfacers apply lean design philosophy to assure optimal value for the customer. The output of Integrity’s design team is the cornerstone of each and every project. The attention to detail and thorough understanding of the customer’s standards and unique requirements are paramount.

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Valliant Machine

6555 Hawthorne Drive, Windsor, ONT


Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Valiant TMS is a global company powered by people delivering optimal automation solutions for the automotive, aerospace and heavy industry sectors. The company provides integrated production systems including welding systems, assembly systems, parts cleaning systems, material handling systems, leak-testing equipment, hemming systems, plastic and composite forming tools. Valiant TMS has 28 facilities in 15 countries, including Canada, USA, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Germany, India, China, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Brazil and South Africa.

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